Actually you really shouldn’t claim ‘cisphobia’ ever, since its only impact is hurt feelings, but that’s beside the point. The point is don’t be Piers Morgan.
And no, “But I see heterophobia more often!” is not a valid or true excuse in a heteronormal society.
Remember, the only person with the authority to determine your cuteness/beauty/sexiness/attractiveness is you. Self-love can be difficult to learn and practice, but healthier for your mind than any number of hours on a treadmill.
Today is the Trans* Day of Remembrance. Show your support, and honour the lives of those lost to the hands of anti-trans* violence.
Q: hi, I'm kind of confused- what does the word "queer" exactly mean? Is queer a blanket term for all non-hetero sexualities or is it another type of sexual orientation all together? (different from gay, bi, etc) Also, does the "Q" in LGBTQ stand for "queer" or "questioning"? I've seen both. Thanks!

For sake of this blog, we use the term queer to refer to people that identify outside of a cisgendered or heterosexual identity. We don’t expect everyone reading this to identify as queer, but we use it as a blanket term in hopes that our messages can be as inclusional as possible. Using an acronym would take up more space in our tiny image blurbs, and we would also risk excluding certain identities that don’t identify by any of the letters, as well as the possible confusion that acronyms spawn as they increase in length.

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