my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got 3 reputable references, 5 years of relevant experience, and an M.A. in a related field. this is an entry-level position.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask this earlier, but if you are consider yourself a lover of pop music and pop divas, I really hope you’ll consider reading on and doing an interview with me.

I’ll give you a really quick synopsis of my thesis first. It is about Pop Music As A Queer Religious Experience (working title: The Holy Gospel According To Madonna), and what that essentially means is, I’m studying and writing about what it is about pop music (Specifically pop divas) that resonates and affects queer audiences with the volume it does. What are the relationships formed between pop divas, queer audiences, and individual listeners? In what ways do we choose to engage with the work of pop divas, whether it be at an arena tour, through YouTube videos, in ‘da club,’ at the gym, or listening to dance music alone in our bedrooms, and why? How do pop divas become deity-esque global phenomena? Why through the medium of pop songs and performances? What can we learn about queer cultures through pop divas, and what can we learn about pop divas through queer cultures? (I will also be writing about the historical use and implications of ‘diva’ as an identity, and what role that played in the development of queer cultures and a whole bunch of boring historical stuff that’s not really important to what I’m asking of y’all right now.)

But this is where you come in. I want to talk to you about pop music, and why you love it; why it’s important to you. Let’s talk about who you stan for, and the impacts divas and pop music and performances have had on your lives. I want to tell your life stories through pop music. I’ll be conducting a series of interviews with people through text chats on Skype. Even though this project is academically rigorous, the tone of the interviews is super casual, and more chatty than interview-y. I did a series of interviews for a similar project last year, and I’d like to imagine that everyone involved could all vouch that it was actually a really fun and laidback process.

There’s really no ‘qualifications’ as to who I’m hoping to interview; all that I ask is that, because this is about the relationship between pop divas and queer audiences, you claim an identity under the queer umbrella in some way or another. Other than that, I’m happy to set up interviews with whoever would be awesome enough to help out with this. (I should mention that I have no intentions of seeking to have this work published, and I’m also happy to refer to anyone by their username, an alias, or anonymously, so if privacy is a concern for you, I’m more than happy to accommodate.) The interviews will probably last about 45-60 minutes, but if they go well, I may ask if you’d be interested in doing a follow-up with me later in the year.

ANYWAY, if you’ve made it this far and you still wanna help me out, just send me (alchemyjones) a message (or email me at including: 
- Your Skype username (Or some other way to contact you, though back and forth emails won’t work for this. We gotta chat.)
- Your location
- Your age
- What times you’re available for an interview (just lemme know what time zone you’re referring to), 
- Your favourite pop diva(s) and your first pop album/single/memory
- Any live pop shows you might have gone to 

And basically anything else you want to say as a lover of pop music. I know this might seem really dense and heavy, but I promise these ‘interviews’ are super relaxed and easy, and it they always come down to one pop music lover talking to another pop music lover about why pop music is so great. 

(I may also attempt to host a group interview session somewhere in the New York City area, so if you would be interested in a ‘meet-up’ of sorts, feel free to let me know in your message as well, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.)

I really hope you’ll consider volunteering to help me out with this. This project means the world to me right now, and I will be so appreciative of anyone who would be kind enough to take part in this. (Maybe I’ll mail you all mix CD’s or something kinda cool afterwards or something, I dunno.)

And if you’ve got followers who are also super into pop music, maybe consider reblogging this and sharing with them.

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all i want to do with my life is listen to cool music and make out with cuties.

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when your shady hunty  spills some truth tea and its too hotimage

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  • mom: "oh you look so tan, are you wearing bronzer?"
  • me: "what? oh no that's dorito dust."
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This might be the greatest thing I’ve ever created.

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